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On this page you can download the freeware Award Winning M-209 cipher machine simulation. This program is an accurate simulation of the M-209 Cipher Machine, used by the US Military during World War 2. The M-209, the American licensed version of the Hagelin C-38, was a portable hand operated cipher machine for tactical messages. It had the size of a lunchbox and presented a brilliant mechanical design, developed by the Swedish cryptographer Boris Hagelin.

This simulator, fully compatible with the original cipher machine, enables realistic operation with rotating wheels, setting of wheel pins and drum lugs, combined with authentic graphics. The program comes with a very complete helpfile, containing the manual, the enciphering procedures from the US military and all technical details on the machine.

The sim also has a formatted clipboard, an autotyping function and there's a picture gallery. With this program you will be able to work with the M-209 and examine how it works and how it was operated. This is a true reference to the M-209, and an educational must! On the bottom of this page you can find some screenshots, taken from the program.

Runs on all Windows™ versions and on MAC with CrossOver, Parallels Desktop or WINE (open source).

All feedback, suggestions or comments most welcome by e-mail or in the guestbook.

Download the Simulator

Download M-209 Simulator v3.0.1 (Zip 1765 KB)
Please check the readme file before installation.
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For non Windows users, there's also a C++ (UNIX/Mac) command line M-209 simulation available at Mark Green's Crypto Pages.

Screenshot with open lid

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