Crypto Box

The Crypto Box is a tool to encrypt text by moving the letters. This is done by shifting the rows and columns of the text square to the left, right, up or down. Retrieving the original position of the letters has proven to be a real challenge due to the large number of possible moves and the complex way the letters travel around. Even shifting a few rows or columns create a true brain-teasing puzzle.

More steps means a more complex encryption. There are 39 ways to move a row or columns in the box (moving a the previous row on step back is useless so the 40th doesn't count). For five steps this already gives 40 * 39 * 39 * 39 * 39 = 92,537,640 possible combinations. Each further step multiplies the result with 39. With only 40 steps you will have 4.5x1063 combinations, comparable with an enormous 212 bit key!

The program has an easy interface to shuffle the rows and columns, and each step is recorded, This enables running the key automatically or manually. Both text and key can be imported from, and exported to the clipboard in various formats. This small program - only 105 Kb - is ideal to create your own puzzles or encrypt short messages.

Currently, the Crypto Box Challenge and Elite Box Challenge are running at this website. Join this challenge and earn a place in the Table of Honor!

Runs on all Windows™ versions and on MAC with CrossOver, Parallels Desktop or WINE (open source).

All feedback, suggestions or comments are most welcome by e-mail or by visiting the Guestbook.

Download the Crypto Box

Download CryptoBox 2.0.1 (full install including runtime files) Zip 1432 KB
Please check the readme file before installation!
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